Barrier Films

Barrier Films Production Line ImageISO Poly Films’ top quality line of barrier films addresses today’s high demand for films in the food industry’s fast growing segment – convenience food. These films are found in value-added meats, heat-and-eat meals, as well as convenience hot and cold drinks. We manufacture innovative multi-layer films with oxygen, moisture, temperature and aroma barriers for superior packaging. These barrier films help our customers deliver attractive, safe, and easy-to-use packaged food products.

ISO Poly Films is technically competent to provide custom designed, cost effective and innovative barrier films to the converting, printing, laminating and coating markets. We use both a variety of film materials and combinations of materials to meet the end usage requirements for innovative packaging.

  • High oxygen barrier films can be used to allow foods that would normally be refrigerated or frozen to be safely storable in a shelf stable manner.
  • Non-foil barrier films used in microwaveable pouches create packaging that allows for quick and easy cooking while maintaining food properties and quality.
  • Moisture barrier needs in food packaging are met with the use of high-density polyethylene or polypropylene.
  • Oxygen and aroma barrier needs are most typically met with EVOH or nylon.
  • Nylon or polypropylene materials are used to address chemical barrier and oil barrier or grease resistance needs.

Our co-extrusion processes deliver barrier films that are ultra-thin, cost efficient (specific use of resin in the process) and sustainable (less raw materials needed and less waste). They provide more effective and flexible moisture, oxygen and aroma protection. Thinner and stronger films also offer a wide variety of options for the varied needs of the consumer market.

We have virtually no limitations when it comes to product design and flexibility:

  • ISO Poly Films produces optimum pounds of film using our wide, fast and highly productive blown film lines.
  • Our lines are capable of running a wide flat sheet with high output.
  • We have innovative blending systems available that control our blend formula down to a fractional percentage for each additive.

Not only are we responsive to the specific custom needs of our customers, but we also realize the need for economical solutions to those needs.

  • Our personnel are skilled in complex barrier film manufacturing.
  • Our multi-layer co-extrusion processes further reduce costs because they avoid the need for secondary processes such as coating, metalizing or laminations.

In these days of economical restraints and the need for producing sustainable practices, our expertise responds.  IOS Poly Films’ sustainability and efficiency practices result in savings in both materials procurement and in the manufacturing processes that are passed on to our customers.

We make it our policy to stay on the cutting edge of technological advances, and we constantly are upgrading our processes and training our staff. We have a one-of-a-kind facility dedicated entirely to 7-layer barrier film technology. It is a 30,000 square-foot facility that houses highly advanced film lines.  These lines use the latest technology to produce specialty multi-layer barrier films to meet the innovative advances in the food and medical markets.

Our focused and uncompromising commitment to barrier films delivers both a quality product and savings of money and time.