Blown Films

As a blown film manufacturer and supplier, ISO Poly Films understands that converters and printers want to deliver products to their customers knowing that they are delivering blown films with optimum packaging safety, longevity and integrity in any environment. And we know that this needs to be done as efficiently as possible to control costs and pass the savings on to your customers and, ultimately, the end-user.

Safe and durable packaging for consumer products begins long before the product ever gets to market. It starts with the manufacture of substrate materials that meet rigorous standards of quality and economy. With our blown films expertise, ISO Poly consistently delivers superb quality films using high-end technology practices that reflect converters’ and printers’ varied needs.

We offer Blown Films for Variety of Applications

The blown film process is a principle fabricating procedure that is used in a wide variety of products, ranging from simple mono-layer films for bags to very complex multi-layer structures for food storage purposes. Blown films can be used either in tube form for such items as trash bags, garment bags, convenience food packaging applications and sacks, or the tube can be slit to form a sheet and used in other consumer products such as household wrap, wrapping for pallets and for disposable diaper backing.

If you are looking for state-of-the-art blown film technology to assure excellence in your products, look no further than ISO Poly Films. We operate two facilities of blown film lines, several designed specifically for co-extrusion films with up to seven layers and structures with nylon or EVOH barriers.

ISO Poly’s extrusion lines incorporate the latest blown film science that provide:

  • Superior film quality
  • Economical use of resources
  • Short start-up and change-over times
  • Reduced waste
  • High productivity

ISO Poly Films Advanced Film Lines Deliver Quality

ISO Poly’s top notch facilities deliver quality from the production line to the customer service line. Our Gray Court, S.C. facility houses 14 advanced film lines, including two new Windmoeller & Hoelscher Varex blown film lines, one three-layer and one seven-layer.

The Varex lines provide both innovation and flexibility in production for blown films:

  • The 3-layer Varex line has a working width of 110 in with three grooved-feed extruders (90, 135, and 90 mm, all with 30:1 L/D) and includes a Maxicone C die; Optifil P2K automatic gauge-control system; Filmatic S surface winder; and Opticool air ring.
  • The 87-in., 7-layer Varex line is furnished with seven extruders (three 70-mm and 60-mm machines plus one 90-mm, all 30:1) and also is outfitted with a Maxicone C die, Optifil P2K, and a Filmatic S winder, uses the Multicool dual-lip air ring.

Our advanced films lines provide many benefits to the quality and costs of blown films that you purchase:

  • The OPTIFIL P2K device ensures minimum thickness tolerances and guarantees film quality consistency.
  • The MultiCool Dual lip air ring is a newly developed, high performance air ring providing a major increase in output, improved bubble stability and film tolerances, and exchangeable inserts for different die diameters.
  • The new Maxicone C 3-layer die is an extremely compact design and notably reduces melt volume, which in turn, reduces melt pressure to the very minimum.
  • Because of its modularity, the Varex blown film extrusion system is flexible and can be exactly tailored to any specific requirement profile.
  • Innovations deliver optimum and consistent film characteristics well as drastic reductions in raw material use, which translates to cost savings.
  • Through selective control of the melt temperature, film gauge tolerances are minimized, while at the same time consistent film quality is granted at high output rates.
  • Because of its dynamic ability to deliver an extruded, continuous thin walled tube of plastic through inflation and cooling with air pressure, the tube can be stretched in multiple directions increasing its diameter and reducing its wall thickness to any desired gauge.
  • Film width and thickness regulation controls the volume of air in the bubble, the output of the extruder and the speed of the haul-off so that the product is delivered efficiently in both quality and quantity.

Whether it is packaging film for fresh and frozen food products; form, fill and seal packaging film; or films for medical products packaging or industrial applications, ISO Poly has the capability to deliver superb quality films that produce specialty multi-layer films with its blown films capability. Our excellent customer service clearly conveys your specific needs so that we can respond with effective film solutions and timely accuracy.

For more information about our blown film capabilities, please contact us.