Flexible Packaging Films

ISO Poly Films understands the importance of convenience, safety, reusability, ease of storage and extended shelf-life for consumer food product purchases. Not only do our flexible packaging films deliver on these needs in food applications, they also address non-food uses in medical and pharmaceutical products, electronics components,  chemical and other industrial protective film and packaging needs.

Lighter, thinner, stronger and multipurpose flexible packaging begins with substrate materials that are designed to sustainably meet the needs of convenience, functionality and end-user satisfaction. ISO Poly Films provides specialty films with superior structure and performance to produce flexible packaging for a variety of critical applications.  Items such as single serve foods, frozen foods, meats and high barrier hot fill packaging for drinks and sauces require flexible packaging films designed for a broad range of protective properties while using a minimum of material.

As a flexible packaging films manufacturer, ISO Poly Films addresses the specific needs of converters, printers, laminators and coaters with our diverse film capabilities, including:

  • Custom designing to precise levels of barrier protection for a broad range of applications
  • Producing films that can be adjusted to increase barrier and puncture resistance
  • Delivering films with the characteristics to support optimal shelf appeal
  • Producing films that meet the critical cost parameters that exist in today’s economical restraints
  • Listening to customers and understanding the how, what, when and why of the ultimate purpose and use of the flexible packaging product.
  • Recognizing the need for strong and durable film qualities to protect products transported in hot and cold temperatures and unknown shipping conditions

ISO Poly’s creativity, responsive expertise and customer service as well as our ability to meet an aggressive time schedule has delivered such diverse films as:

  • Custom high barrier hot fill packaging lamination for the manufacture of such products as gourmet sauces, marinades and glazes that possess robust heat seal performance
  • Film for the replacement of a rigid dome packaging for chicken with a flexible pouch possessing enhanced performance and product presentation with reduced environmental impact
  • Film for the bottled water packaging with handles to provide greater clarity for merchandising as well as strength for carrying the case of water.

ISO Poly Films is a custom extruder of specialty films for critical applications for the flexible packaging industry.  Our film capabilities include mono-layer, 3- and 5-layer co-extrusion films along with high-barrier 7-layer extrusion. Our flexible packaging films can address such needs as high temperature resistance, water vapor barrier, heat seal ability, stiffness for strength and transportation, and gradient clarity for a variety of applications.

We are dedicated to providing custom-engineered film solutions with maximum efficiency and low cost allowing converters and printers to bring the highest quality product to consumers.