Fresh and Frozen Food Packaging Films

ISO Poly Films has the in-depth capability, knowledge and expertise to manufacture films for fresh and frozen food packaging applications. Its constant innovation, new manufacturing techniques and advanced equipment along with its recent expansion to increase output capacity make ISO Poly an easy choice to provide outstanding fresh and frozen food packaging films.

In an industry where consumer desires drive product sales, and the package is a critical sales tool; ISO Poly is a leading edge manufacturer that delivers plastic films and custom solutions to meet consumer demands.  Our quality films contain substrate materials that do what converters and printers need them to do  – provide indelible printability, possess storage integrity, maintain nutritional quality for fresh and frozen food, provide consumer safety and deliver extended shelf life of food products.

Fresh Food Demands Superior Quality Food Packaging Films

Fresh food packaging is used for such items as produce, raw and processed meats, cheeses, nuts, seafood and ready-to-eat products such as pre-made salads.

Films for fresh food packaging must be uniquely designed to maintain:

  • Appropriate moisture, aroma and oxygen barrier to maintain freshness
  • Oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide exchange capability to assure prolonged shelf life and a ‘fresh harvest’ condition for fruits and vegetables
  • Resistance to oil, alkaline or acidic properties of the food ingredients
  • FDA regulatory compliance for food safety and protection from contaminants
  • Excellent sealing strength and puncture and tear resistance
  • Leak-free seal integrity for meats
  • Vacuum seal capability and easy open and re-closability for such items as cheeses and deli meats
  • Optical clarity for marketing and visibility as well as provision for high quality graphics

Packaging for Frozen Foods Maintain Product Integrity

Frozen food packages protect fruit, prepared and plain vegetables, potatoes, meats and entrees to deliver convenient, fresh-tasting food options to the consumer. While also meeting many of the standards for fresh food packaging, the films used for frozen food packaging need to address the extreme temperature conditions.

Films for frozen food applications need to:

  • Withstand the temperatures of a freezer while maintaining the integrity of the contents.
  • Have excellent low temperature stability and not flex crack when cold,
  • Have excellent moisture and gas barriers to assure optimum freshness taste,
  • Provide tougher film formulations for bigger packages
  • Deliver barrier properties (water vapor/light)

ISO Poly Films Produces Specialized, Complex Films for Food Packaging

We have the innovative capability, considerable expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to produce the specialized and complex films required for fresh and frozen food packaging products.

Our Gray Court, S.C. and Vancouver, Wash. facilities address the necessary film production needs through our precision manufacturing processes:

  • The complex requirements of fresh and frozen food packaging films are produced using mono-layer, 3- and 5-layer co-extrusion along with barrier 7-layer extrusion.
  • Moisture ingress issues are addressed with HDPE/PE film processes.
  • EVOH or nylon films preserve safety and food freshness and provide total insulation from external contaminants and pathogenic agents along with aroma and oxygen, chemical and oil or grease resistance protection.
  • PE/Nylon/EVOH are ideal materials to protect against puncture and wrinkles as well as maintain durability in transportation, to deliver shelf and handling appeal, as well as maintain the packaging integrity from freezer to microwave.
  • Multi-layer lamination films maintain freshness, prevent leakage, preserve shelf life, deliver substrate materials that meet FDA safety standards for food contact, and delivers quality protection, clarity and printability.
  • Manufacture co-extruded, multi-layer films for high barrier applications in food packaging using blown film extrusion capability that includes Varex blown film lines.
  • LDPE products are used in the outside layers of blown film, providing the required optical and sealing properties for frozen food applications. 

Consumers count on safety, freshness, quality and longevity in the food they purchase off the shelf and in the freezer at their local grocery to provide good, healthy choices for their families. The integrity of the packaging is the vehicle to deliver protection and nutritional value to fulfill those expectations.

With ISO Poly Films on your team, you know that our proficiency will deliver the exact performance characteristics needed for your food packaging application. Our dedication to excellence will produce the specific, quality films you need to meet the unique needs of your customers and the end-user – the consumer.

For more information about ISO Poly Films and our fresh and frozen food packaging and other film capabilities, please contact us.