Lamination Films

ISO Poly Films is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality lamination films. We have a world-class team of experts in R&D, quality assurance and customer service who are dedicated to delivering quality lamination films for products that converters need to satisfy consumer market applications.  Whether fulfilling the demand for packaging that meets food safety regulations; adding longevity, UV protection and superior color enhancement on printable surfaces; or supplying a laminate that delivers durability and puncture resistance, ISO Poly’s lamination films deliver the optimum substrate materials for converter processing and end user satisfaction.

Convenience for today’s busy consumer is a necessity, not a luxury:

  • Re-sealable food packages that can go from the freezer to the microwave and back to the freezer
  • Food grade packages with highly impermeable gas and flavor barriers that also maintain FDA safety standards for prolonged and direct contact with food
  • Packaging that is strong enough to prevent leakage of solvents and chemicals during storage and transportation
  • Packaging that has flexibility and strength yet is puncture and wrinkle resistant
  • Packaging with readable labels, which resist scratches and deterioration over time

…are simply expected by consumers to support their lifestyle.

It Begins with Lamination Films

Quality provision of these end products begins with lamination film products that are manufactured to meet the critical needs of packaging, including: food purity and freshness, hot and cold temperature endurance, UV protection, puncture resistance, and preservation of clarity for printing applications.

ISO Poly’s state-of-the art facilities have the necessary broad range capabilities and manufacturing processes to produce lamination films that adapt to the diverse, unique needs of converters and printers and today’s busy consumers.

  • Our dedicated 3-, 5- and 7-layer extrusion lines offer the ability to laminate a variety of polymers that seal reliably, resist degradation by the product in the package itself and – in the case of flexible packaging for food products – comply with regulatory requirements for food contact.
  • Our innovative blending systems control blend formula down to a fractional percent for each additive – saving time, money and the environment.
  • ISO Poly’s optimum high throughput extrusion provides superior adhesion qualities for reliable sealing of products.
  • Our controlled heat and pressure processes create smooth and complete cohesion in adhesive layers whenever different materials in the lamination film structure don’t naturally adhere to one another.
  • We use synthetic resin (PE) to address the multiple needs of ultimate packaging products…for example – laminated EVOH oxygen barrier quality combined with PE multi layer processes produces both  a solid oxygen and a moisture barrier product
  • Our lamination films can be tailored for ink absorbability in label presentation and color usage to support attractive marketing and merchandising.
  • Our high throughput extrusion processes can laminate any material such as PE layers with polyamide or EVOH layers to produce substrate material for such end user applications as shelf stable packages for fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, pet food and prepared foods, pouch films, barrier-coated board-stock for juice cartons and hot fill high barrier packaging lamination.
  • Our lamination films maintain their functional expandability and contractability in low and high temperatures and are resistant to moisture, solvents and oils.

At ISO Poly Films, quality starts from the inside out. From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Gray Court, S.C. and Vancouver, Wash., we continue to push forward to develop new processes, offer high-throughput extrusion and deliver advanced films with superior function, structure and performance.

ISO Poly’s experienced team of film experts works closely with customers and invests time to understand their specific product need or challenge. Exploring potential structures and processes, the team develops custom-engineered solutions for lamination films and other film solutions.