Sealant Films

ISO Poly Films manufactures high quality sealant films that preserve safety and package integrity of convenience foods, as well as medical and other specialty products.  Sealing is integral to maintaining the purity, freshness and leak-proof conditions of packaged products, from pre-prepared and partially prepared meals that are microwave- or oven-ready, to protective peel applications for medical devices.  Whether products are heated, cooled or stored on a shelf for long periods of time, the barrier protection is useless if the sealing component of the package is not intact.

With exceptional customer service, highly trained staff and advanced equipment, ISO Poly Films is the smart choice to provide substrate sealant films for your film solutions, including:

  • Peel and hermetic sealing requirements for lidding applications in prepared tray meals, packaged meats and cheeses and ready-to-eat snacks, such as yogurt, nuts, and sandwiches.
  • Package sealing for fresh and frozen foods that keep freshness in and contaminants – such as air and moisture – out.
  • Heat sealed applications for packages of pre-prepared sauces and beverage pouches that will withstand high cooking temperatures and transport without leakage
  • Re-closeable snack packages to maintain quality and purity

Integrity of Sealant Films Critical to Maintain Product Safety, Quality

Understanding the relative strengths and weaknesses of different plastic films materials is critical in selecting the best packaging system for a particular application. Sealant films’ integrity must be able to withstand varied dwell times, temperature and pressure used during the packaging manufacturing process.

At ISO Poly Films, we listen, understand and respond to market needs with our rigorous quality control standards and expertise in the manufacturing of sealant films for foods, home and medical products packaging.  Our dedicated 3-, 5- and 7-layer extrusion lines offer the ability to laminate a variety of polymers that seal reliably. Our optimum high throughput extrusion processes produce substrate films with superior adhesion qualities and reliable sealing capability.

Sealant Films from ISO Poly Meet Strength & Performance Requirements

When it comes to technical know-how in the manufacturing of sealant films that address the rigorous requirements of strength and performance for sealed packaging applications, ISO Poly delivers.

  • Both our PE extrusion and adhesive lamination processes produce multi-layer, high barrier and non-barrier films with high performance sealant layers used in such demanding markets as cheese packaging (sliced, shredded and chunk cheese), meat snacks (cubed, shredded, sliced) packaging, and pet food/pet treat applications.
  • Our LDPE and PE extrusion processes produce sealant films that are flexible, strong, tough, easy to seal, and resistant to moisture.  LDPE and PE sealant films offer predictable and repeatable seal strength while protecting against spoilage, leakage and contamination.
  • With our 3-layer coextruded PE, HDPE and EVOH multi-layer barrier films processes, our sealant films ensure the preservation of flavor and freshness in such convenience foods as coffee packaging, sauces and other hot-fill applications.
  • In lidding applications such as ready-made meals that need strong, leak resistant but peelable seals, ISO Poly’s cost effective sealant films are formulated for versatility in both hermetic and easy-to-strong peel seal purposes. Our sealant films provide excellent adhesion to aluminum foil, nylon, paper, and other substrates materials.
  • ISO Poly’s sealant films are designed to have specific hot tack properties that match up well with the converting method employed and pass hot bar sealing methods without degradation to the film’s seal capabilities.

Sealing protection is a vital necessity of product life and marketability. Consumers need to know and trust that the convenience food package they put in their microwave, oven, refrigerator or pantry will sustain and maintain its integrity without bursting, leaking, losing its freshness or becoming contaminated. Medical professionals need to rest assured that the medical devices they use to treat patients are sterile and safe.

ISO Poly Films is a leading choice for converters who seek quality from the very first step in creating appealing, safe and protected packaging products for consumers.

For more information about our sealant film capabilities, please contact us.