ISO Commitment:
We are committed to providing quality products, delivered on time, at a competitive price. Quality is an integral part of this company…at every level of personnel…at every step of the manufacturing process.

Through dedication and diligence, ISO Poly Films, Inc. maintains compliance to ISO-9001-2000 Standard. Our Quality Assurance Team complies with all aspects of this standard’s strict demands.

Quality is one of the core values this company is built on…and it shows in everything we do.

Product Quality:
> Consistent process conditions
> Standardized tests and testing
> Standardized and consistent raw materials
> Certificates of Analysis, Certificates of Compliance and Quality Audit Testing

Our Quality Assurance Team has instituted an inspection and monitoring system that applies sophisticated testing and controls to examine product quality and consistency. Just like an eagle’s eye, ISO’s QA team carefully and intently watches for perfection. Film is tested and measures are taken to ensure that precision is maintained and finished products perfectly match customer specifications…each and every time. ISO Poly Films is committed to continuous product improvement and ultimate customer satisfaction, and we take the appropriate proactive and preventative steps to avoid imperfections.